Fire Stick and Apple TV Setup

 February 17, 2023

By  signal23tv

General Casting Submissions

Submit to Signal 23 TV for any project. 

We are constantly for projects throughout out  the year. Submitting to our general submissions keeps you in our database for a full year. If we have a role that fits you we will reach out to ask for an audition or schedule an in person meeting. 

Reality TV: If you are submitting for reality shows using the submission page, please just send a video introducing yourself to us. Where you are from, what you do, what’s your story that makes you unique, and why we should hire you. 

Scripted Content: If you are an actor and would like to be considered for scripted content please send in a video of a one minute monologue of your choice and/or an acting reel. 

We looking forward to seeing your submission and possibly working with you in the future.

Here Is an example of how to submit a self tape audition :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hkeYhGawns

APPLE TV AND FIRE STICK are separate platforms and require a separate subscription as they do not support universal subscription options. If APPLE TV or FIRE STICK is the main place you want to watch you need to sign up on those platforms. A website subscription does not include APPLE TV AND FIRE STICK. Website Subscription includes access to the WEBSITE, MOBILE APPS ( IPHONE & ANDROID) , AND ROKU DEVICES. There are special instructions to setup your Roku Device that can be found in our help videos under the help playlist on the Watch page. It is the last playlist on the help page.

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