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POTAG Episode 1 Born in the Ghetto
POTAG Episode 2 Adapting to the Ghetto
POTAG Episode 3 Growing in the Ghetto
POTAG Episode 4 "Defending the Ghetto"
Words Unspoken Episode 1 "Love Out Loud"
Words Unspoken Episode 2 "Black Ass Word"
Loyalty Trailer | Nov 8
Loyalty Part I_ End Of June
Loyalty Part II Pay The Brice
Loyalty Part III_ Just Blaze
The Hit | Episode 1 | Justice for Mike Brown
The Hit | Episode 2 | The Hit Maker
The Hit | Episode 3 | Silencing the Echoes
The Hit | Episode 4 | Death Sentence
The Hit | Episode 5 | King is My Hero
First Annual Signal Awards
VI IDOL Sizzle Reel
VI Idol Episode 1 'Introduction to the Ephiphany'
VI Idol Episode 2 ' Meet your new Daddy!'
VI IDOL Episode 3 'You Gotta Work It'
VI IDOL Episode 4 'Bad Men with Voices'
VI IDOL Episode 5 'The Rock Men Showdown'
VI IDOL Episode 6 'VI Pride'
VI IDOL Episode 7
VI IDOL Episode 8