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Demon Bath
No Face Twerk featuring Tank
Stripper Graveyard
#19 of 2021 Homophobic Dad
#17 of 2021 Woods x Laz x Kai (Short Film)
People In The Woods (High School Film)
Axe Man
Killer in the Woods
Bedtime Killer
Dick Delight
Stalker Ex
Gay Exorcist
Many Faces of Ween
Clowns Always Get the Last Laugh
Graveyard Prisoner
Pile Up
Bed Time Play
70's Brothers Halloween Disco
Ghost Soul Sucker
Office Killer
Gorilla Man
Graveyard Bunny
Zombie & Clown
Soulsucker 3000
Masked Men Couch.mov
Graveyard Prisoner
Prison Escape.mov
Rabbit & Scarecrow
Rabbit Quarteine
Spider Stairs
Silverface Ep 1
Silverface Ep 2 "Devil Man"
Silverface Ep 3 "Backstabber"
#11 of 2022 Silverface Ep 4 "Grim"
Silverface Ep 5 "Joker"
Degenerate Episode 7 "Signalween Special"
Episode 5 “Slutoween”