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The Royal Love Affair

Sexy Sneak Peak.mov
The Royal Love Affair | Episode 1 | "Meet the Queen"
Episode 2 " Momma Wants To See You"
Episode 3 "The Fight for Momma's Love" Update
Episode 4 "Ride for Momma"
Episode 5 "Show Momma What That Mouth Do"
Episode 6 "Momma Knows your Secrets"
Episode 7 "Dress up for Momma"
Episode 8 "Show Momma That Stroke"
Episode 9 Momma Wants A Freak.mov
Episode 10 "Put on a Show for Momma".mov
Episode 11 "Touch on Momma"
Episode 12 "Momma's Birthday"
Episode 13 "Momma's Has to Choose" Season Finale